How to become an Ethical Hacker

How to become an Ethical Hacker?

Let's talk about the steps needed to become an Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester

Ethical Hacker

An Ethical Hacker is anyone who fits in the Hacker culture, Smart, Like learn, Learn fast, Discover how to solve problems…

Becoming an Ethical Hacker is “easy” in theory… but you need follow some steps to become a really good Hacker!


Many idiots on the internet say that you don’t need know how to program to be a Hacker… but how you will break something that you don’t comprehend how is developed?

People who say this are just losers who don’t know how to write tools they only use another’s work, don’t have money and a miserable life without knowledge…

Don’t be dumb, programme in the major programming languages is the first thing a hacker need to know!

The Programming languages that any Hacker need to know…

  1. Assembly x86/x86_64/ARM/MIPS

    If you know how to code in Assembly, you know how to code in any other language, Assembly is essential to Exploit Development.

  2. C Lang

    C is the first modern computer languages, all others languages except “Assembly” is made in top and using C, so is a mandatory language that you need to know.

  3. C++

    C++ is basically C with classes and some optimisations… Essential to hack Windows machines and some programs.

  4. Go Lang

    Go is a relative new language but is more powerful than Python and can be compiled for any platform with a beautiful cross-platform solution! So the same code that run in Linux, run in Windows and MacOS…

  5. Python

    Python is a common language in Hacking but is only good to scripts and need a interpreter… Some good tools are written in Python but nowadays is better to invest in Go.

Obviously has a lot of others languages that is need to know for be PRO but these are the top 5 to start!

Penetration Tester

Many people think that a Penetration Tester is just a White Hat Hacker but this is wrong… White Hat Hacker is anyone who works or fight to protect the cyber security…

Penetration Testers are essentially Gray Hat Hackers. They are between the two worlds… this makes Penetration Testers be the most Advanced Hackers because they know how to attack and how to protect!

One of the most good paid profession!

Penetration Testing is one of the most good paid profession and one of the most cool profession too!

How much earn a Penetration Tester?

Around 20.000 USD per month (This can be much more if the professional works as a freelancer or Bug Hunter.)

Hacking Training

To evolute as a Professional, you need a good instruction. Nowadays in the market we have a lot of dumbing trainings, a lot of “big companies” promote small trainings with a big price and no knowledge!

To break this monopoly created by Offensive Security, SANS and others The Cracker Technology released the Advanced Hacking Training, this training is 100% complete and from zero to professional!

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The best certification, Advanced Hacking Training has the most Advanced and Complete certification in the market with online validation for companies and universities.

More Advanced than: CEH, OSCP, OSWP, OSEP, OSWE, OSED, OSEE, OSCE, CISSP and CompTIA.

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How to earn money in Hacking?

Has some really good ways to earn money in Hacking, we will talk about the most good paid ways.

  • Satellite Hacking $ 30.000 USD per month
  • Mobile Network Hacking $ 17.000 USD per month
  • Industrial Control Sytem Hacking $ 14.000 USD per month
  • Bug Hunter $ 12.000 USD per month (relative to the bounty)
  • Web Site Hacking $ 10.000 USD per month
  • Application Security $ 10.000 USD per month
  • Penetration Testing (freelancer) $ 8.000 USD per month
  • Penetration Testing (hired) $ 5.000 USD per month

Advanced Hacking Training teach all these stuffs!