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ANDRAX Network Hacking

01 Networking

Network Basics, IPv4, IPv6, OSI vs TCP Models, UDP, SCTP, FTP, SSH, HTTP, ISP (Internet Service Provider), Routers, Switchs, VLAN’s, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik…

ANDRAX Linux Hacking

02 *NIX Basics

Linux Structure, Linux users, Linux groups, Linux permissions, Linux passwords, Shell, Limited shell, Basic commands, Shell Scripting, Important files, How to compile a Linux Kernel…

ANDRAX Programming for Hacking

03 Programming for Hacking

C, C++, Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Java, Kotlin, Perl, JavaScript…

ANDRAX Information Gathering

04 Information Gathering

OSINT, Passive Information Gathering, Whois, DNS Recon, Subdomain enumeration, Theharvester, Shodan, Active Information Gathering, DNS brute force, Subdomain bruteforce, Amass, ReconDOG, Raccoon, X-RAY…

ANDRAX Scanning

05 Scanning

Passive Scanning, Shodan scan, Syn Stealth scan, Nmap evasion, 0trace, Smtp scan, Snmp scan, Ssh Scan, Active Scan, Nmap TCP scan, Nmap UDP Scan, Nmap NSE (Nmap Script Engine), Masscan for big network, NBTScan…

ANDRAX Password Hacking

06 Password Hacking

Wordlists, Rainbow Tables, Authentication Protocols, How to avoid brute force protections, How to bypass 2fa…

ANDRAX Website Hacking

07 WebSite Hacking

Http Parameter Pollution, Http Response Splitting, CSRF, SSRF, XFS, XSS, XXE, Xpath Injection, Crlf Injection, Ldap Injection, Sql Injection, Code Execution, Configuration, Error Handling, Session Fixation, Source Code Disclosure, Url Redirection, W3 Total Cache, Weak Credentials…

ANDRAX Wireless Hacking

08 Wireless

Enable monitor mode on non-native devices, Create EVIL-TWIN AP, Hack WEP, Hack WPA2, Hack WPA3, Hack WPA Enterprise Edition (All versions), Hack routers users, BlueZ Bluetooth Stack Hacking, Hack WIFI without wordlist…


09 SDR Hacking

How to setup Kernel Drivers, Cables, SDR Basic, HackRF…

ANDRAX Exploitation Hacking

10 Exploitation

Assembly x86, Assembly x86_64, Assembly ARM, Assembly MIPS, Shellcoding, Buffer Overflow, Format String Bugs, How to encrypt Shellcodes, How to create a vulnerability, Fuzzing…

ANDRAX Windows Hacking

11 Windows Hacking

Bypass windows security systems, How to exploit SMB, How to make 100% undetectable malwares, Write malicious patchs, Hack via Windows OTA like, Bypass Windows defender, Break Windows firewall, Elevate privileges…

ANDRAX MacOS Hacking

12 MacOS Hacking

Exploit MacOS Updates, Exploit Safari, Bypass MacOS encryption, Write malwares for MacOS, Hook functions in MacOS Kernel, Pivoting, Privilege Escalation…

ANDRAX Linux Hacking

13 Linux Hacking

Bypass Firewalls, Bypass IDS, Bypass IPS, break distro packages repository, Write malwares for Linux, Privilege Escalation, Pivoting…

ANDRAX Android Hacking

14 Android Hacking

How to exploit Android WebView, Hijack users applications, Exploit Apps API, Build Android malwares, RAT on Android, Bypass Android permissions…


15 IOS Hacking

Hack IOS by SWIFT, Write malwares for IOS, Remote control IOS devices (The same things who work for MacOS Hacking work for IOS too)…

ANDRAX Advanced Phishing

16 Advanced Phishing

Create and manage phishing campaign in Gophish, Bypass 2FA using EvilGINX2, How to make EvilGINX2 phishlet, Advanced reverse proxy to hack HTTPS and 2FA using modlishka, Write modlishka configuration files…


17 IoT Hacking

Determine the device, Hack IoT protocols, Exploit IoT credentials, Find vulnerabilities in devices, Hijack connections…


18 ICS Hacking

Find PLC devices, Exploit PLC flows, Hack LLC, Hack TCP/IP S7comm, Hack by modbus, Exploit SIXNET RTU’s, Hijack PLC sessions, Lateral write…

ANDRAX Mobile Hacking

19 Mobile Network Hacking

Build a femtocell, Hack 3G from Android, Hack 4G LTE from Android, Bypass HSS/HLR, Build a NodeB, Build a E-NodeB, Setup your own Cell Phone Operator, Free CALLS, Free SMS, Free Internet, Intercept calls, Clone cellphone ID, Clone cellphone number…

ANDRAX Hardware Hacking

20 Hardware Hacking

Analog eletronic, Digital eletronic, Protocol for hardware communication, EPROM Hacking, EEPROM Hacking…

ANDRAX Car Hacking

21 Car Hacking

Hardwares for hacking Car’s, Cables, BUS Protocols, OBD-II Hacking, CAN Hacking, ECU Hacking, Hacking Car by Bluetooth (BlueZ STACK)…

ANDRAX Artificial Intelligence

22 A.I. for Hacking

Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, AI controller from C, AI controller from Python, Classification of data, Attack result learning, Attack result classification, Action by data…

23 Satellite Hacking

Bonus module

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Weidsom Nascimento

Training teacher

Weidsom Nascimento

Security Researcher, Security consultant and Penetration Tester at The Cracker Technology and PayBack Security, 23 years old.

Started in Hacking at 8 years old, at 10 started working as Penetration Tester.

Developer in C, C++, Go, Ruby, Perl, Java, PHP, Lua, Python, Assembly x86, Assembly x86_64, Assembly ARM, Assembly MIPS and many others…

Creator of the ANDRAX Hackers Platform.

Network and Security system administrator expert.