ANDRAX Hackers Platform


What is ANDRAX? What we can do with ANDRAX? Is ANDRAX safe? Who uses ANDRAX?

Wha is ANDRAX?

ANDRAX is the world’s most Advanced Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Platform, 100% focused on Advanced and PRO level tasks.

Others systems are made for youtube’s dumb and dedicated for lammers, to sell courses, ANDRAX is dedicated to Professionals and Advanced users, we don’t care about many users, we care about Advanced users!

Lammers from Offensive Security hate ANDRAX, Advanced Hackers love it.

What we can do with ANDRAX?

Everything in the Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Bug Bounty and Exploitation scenario.

ANDRAX has been designed to provide a complete environment for the most advanced task.

Is ANDRAX safe

Of course, ANDRAX is an open source platform that means that the source code is shared and can be analyzed by anyone.

All tools and resources in ANDRAX is from Open Source community.

Who uses ANDRAX?

ANDRAX is used by Security professionals, Developers, Students, Bug Hunters, Penetration Testers and some Black Hats.